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Routing Number

The Routing Number is a 9-digit number located between the Transit Symbols at the bottom of a valid U.S. check.

Routing Number Results are Updated Daily from the eRoutingNumber™ Database. This database includes exclusive data, not offered by other sources, like Fake Routing Numbers, and the Fraction Code or Fractional Routing Number found on the face of printed checks..

The eRoutingNumber™ database Includes All ABA Routing Numbers in the United States, as well as the bank website in many cases. The eRoutingNumber™ database also contains the bank phone number and best number to call for check verification.

The eRoutingNumber™ database uses many different sources and has evolved since 1998, and now utilizes user reporting to keep the data in check.

Any user can report a routing number missing, invalid, or provide details not included. We verify every submission and make notes or updates accordingly.





"If you suspect you
have a counterfeit
check, you should
never call the number
listed on the check to
verify funds.

Fifth Third Bank



"Why was my check returned?"
"What does NSF mean?" or
"What does Refer to Maker Mean?"

Most Common  Reasons For Return 
Not Sufficient Funds
 - Uncollected Funds Hold
 - Stop Payment
 - Closed Account
 - Unable to Locate Account
 - Frozen Account
 - Refer to Maker
 - Not Authorized
 - Stale Dated Check
Complete List Of Bank Participants By State:
    Listings shown from eRoutingNumber™ Database


All banks are covered, not just some. Here is a list of the 50 most common banks that RoutingTool™ customers look up:

- Wells Fargo Bank
- Chase Bank
- Bank of America
- Allahabad Bank
- U.S. Bank
- PNC Bank
- BB&T
- Regions Bank
- SunTrust Bank
- TD Bank
- Fifth Third Bank
- KeyBank
- Citizens Bank
- M&T Bank
- Citibank
- First National Bank of Pennsylvania
- Capital One Bank
- Woodforest National Bank
- Huntington Bank
- Scotia Bank
- Compass Bank
- Santander Bank
- BMO Harris Bank
- First Citizens Bank
- Bank of the West
- Comerica Bank
- First Niagara Bank
- People's United Bank
- TCF National Bank
- Union Bank
- First National Bank Texas
- Umpqua Bank
- New York Community Bank

- Community Bank
- First Tennessee Bank
- Commerce Bank
- Chemical Bank
- Northwest Bank
- Webster Bank
- Centennial Bank
- Union Bank & Trust
- First Bank
- First Merchants Bank
- First Midwest Bank
- Eastern Bank
- California Bank & Trust
- Synovus Bank
- Washington Federal
- Prosperity Bank


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Most Common Bank Searches
- Wells Fargo Check Verification
- Chase Bank Routing Number
- Verify a Check from Bank of America
- Allahabad Bank Check Verification
- U.S. Bank Phone Number
- PNC Routing Number Verification
- Look up a Check from BB&T
- Regions Bank Check Verification Number
- SunTrust Check Verification
- TD Bank Phone Number
- Verify a Check from Fifth Third Bank
- Key Bank Routing Number
- Citizens Bank Website Address
- M&T Bank Routing Number Lookup
- Citibank Check Verification
- First National Bank Check Verification
- Capital One Routing Number
- Verify a Check from Woodforest National Bank
- Huntington Bank Routing Number
- Scotia Bank Check Lookup
- Compass Bank Branch Information
- Santander Bank Check Verification
- BMO Harris Bank Cashier's Check Search
- First Citizens Bank Money Order
- Bank of the West
- Comerica Bank
- First Niagara Bank
- People's United Bank
- TCF National Bank
- Union Bank
- First National Bank Texas
- Umpqua Bank
- New York Community Bank




About RoutingTool™

RoutingTool™ started in 1996 as a validator script for CheckWriter™ Software, and evolved into a complete database containing every routing number in the U.S. banking system.. The validator script is still posted at the "" website, similarly to how it appeared then. Now, the validator script is available in the professional account so you can integrate simple validation for PHP, C#, JAVA and PYTHON. RoutingTool™ data is automatically referenced for transactions using CheckWrtier™, BetterCheck™, Text-a-Check™ and WebDebit™.

RoutingTool™ is used by 90% of the Fortune 100 Companies for 2020. Successful businesses, including banks, finance companies, fintech solutions, insurers, investors, ecommerce giants and mom and pop businesses use RoutingTool™ Virtual Terminal or RoutingTool™ Professional Accounts to verify routing numbers.

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